IB Student Profile Bhavin

Bhavin T

The presented exhibited works demonstrates the symbolism and defining of the spiritual connection with oneself and nature. Spiritualty is associated with a sense of connection to a meaning or being larger than oneself, which is why I have visually explored the concept within two subjects, that being nature and oneself. My approach, in relation to the displayed work is within some works symbolic, whereas in other works abstract and dedicated to one’s belief’s and interpretations.

The initial vision of my exhibition begun through my experimentation with abstract art techniques, including the splattering of colour on canvas, showing each vibrant pigment, with each colour depicting a specific aspect of symbolism, which links to nature, spirituality and interpretations of oneself. This art technique was inspired by Jackson Pollock, who explored the technique of pouring or splashing liquid paint on a canvas to show the direct means of producing art which was more energetic to the eye.

My exhibition is an observation of spirituality, which depicts religious symbolism and my inner spiritual connection spiritual connection with nature, such as insects which in Hinduism are associated with scriptures, history and mythology. In my work, The Bees and the Weeping Tree, I have used the aspect of spirituality associated with Hinduism and presented the works in hexagon shapes , representing a beehive which are associated with the spiritual notion of harmony and balance. The spiritual connection of hexagons is also used to symbolise the work of bees, as it spiritually known that bees are significant for their work capacities. Spirituality and symbolism is also depicted in my work, Peace and Harmony. This work is associated with my inner peace and harmony. To achieve this, I used the colour combination of orange symbolism harmony and white which is connected to peace. The composition is a depiction of me in the act of meditation, with the inner old newspaper text suggesting conflict and chaos of the world around me. The use of vibrant colours shows the importance of harmony and peace within one’s inner soul.

Religion can also influence ones spirt and perceptions. The symbolic use of the crucifix was used to explore a connection to religion which connects with the notion of the Holy Trinity. In my work, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The angle of the Crucifix’s has multiple interpretations which are associated with Russian orthodox Icons. The composition of the Crucifix presented to project a sense of power and supremacy. This particular work inspired me to create additional pieces within my exhibition, related to the crucifix and the many interpretation it carries from the symbol of the Holy Spirt.

In the work, The life of a Pupil of Hinduism, I decided to explore the spirts and interpterion of me through my religion and interpretation. Which is why there is a photograph of religious figure and symbolism. In Hinduism, the power of mother is symbolised of gods which was Lord Ganesh and his mother was the goddess of gods who I pictured as my own mother, indicating the inner figure of a mother is spiritually connected with the act of god. I found this to striking as it is a common belief in India that mothers are viewed to be gods. In evaluating my work, My creative journey deviated from Pollock’s approach and became more symbolic and expressionistic. Initially, Pollock was my inspiration, However as I delved further within the concept of spirituality, my approached changed and I focused on symbolism. The work ‘Colour and individuality’ I focused on The festival of Holi which is a celebration which shows an appreciation of colours by throwing coloured Gulal. The colours are vibrant which shows that the neglected dark colours to be discarded. In Spiritually, dark colours are used to be associated with grim and sorrowful events or emotions. For this work, I found Cynthia Sherman to be inspiring as her photographs consist of self-portraits, expressing herself in various diverse contexts.

Within my exhibition, Ceramic work is hung from the ceiling to link to the idea of heaven & spirituality. Linked artworks are placed together to symbolise the spiritual connection between works.

Overall, all pieces are placed strategically to demonstrate the importance of spirituality and Nature