The Creative Arts Programs

The Werribee Secondary College Creative Arts curriculum aims to provide students with a broad experience in developing various 2D and 3D Art forms through a creative and explorative approach. Students explore numerous tools, materials, techniques and working methods. Emphasis is placed on developing an understanding of the art elements and design principles and investigating The Arts in a historical and cultural context.

Within the subjects of Ceramics, Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Media Studies, Art, 3D Art, Visual Communication and Design, Studio Arts and IB Visual Arts, students investigate relevant materials, explore ideas, develop new skills and learn techniques appropriate to each medium. Through research, use of a design process and visual diary documentation, students create their original artworks and designs. They are encouraged to explore a variety of design processes and learn how to successfully apply the elements and principles of design.

Students develop skills in Art appreciation through the application of artistic analysis along with learning to evaluate the artworks of contemporary and traditional artists. Understanding appropriate art language and terminology is an integral component of each course.

Students have access to high quality facilities and software programs throughout the department. Classroom environments are complemented by an adjoining art gallery which allows students to gain an understanding of collaborative exhibition design and curation of their artworks. Our department has both PC and Apple MAC computer platforms along with the latest software such as The Adobe Premium Suite. More traditional facilities such as a kiln, darkroom and printing press are frequently employed in weekly projects.